quarta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2008

The Total Woman

I just started to read The Total Woman by Marabel Morgan and it's fantastic! I'm not really into self-help-handbooks but this is really practical and it seems to work. OK, I've only just started the book and today was the first day I got organised, planned my morning and actually did what I had planned to do.

Last night I wrote down the things I'd like to get done during the morning, priorised them and went to bed. In the morning I woke up feeling quite energetic. After the kids had left I first sat on the computer and finished off a piece of work. I then went downstairs and did everything I had written on the list for kitchen work. I even prepared both lunch and dinner so that in the evening I can just finish off the cooking. After that I mopped the floors upstairs and then sat down to use the internet for a while. I'm now heading back downstairs in order to finish off lunch preparations. As if by magic, everything got done and I feel great.

I used to find myself running up and down (literally) doing a little bit over here and then another bit over there. I did get things done but it was more time consuming and I'd feel guilty about sitting down in front of the computer. Now I put all of the things I wanted to do on the list and I could allow myself some time on the computer without feeling bad about it.

Obviously this is not a miracle trick but it requires getting down to it and actually doing all the things on the list in the order you've written them down and completing each task before moving on to the next one. I'll get back with more Total Woman stuff as I read on.

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