quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2008

Notebooks and a bunny

I had to fix some notebooks for the princess. I bought cheap (and not-so-nice) ones and put new covers on them. We didn't really agree with the princess how the covers should look like so as a compromise we made one my way and another her way. I love different kinds of papers but this had to be covered with plastic otherwise it wouldn't last long at school. The paper is regular wrapping paper most shops over here use and in Portuguese it's called "manilla". It comes in different colours but I particularly like this one. The picture is from the 1930s by Martta Wendelin (a Finnish artist, 1893-1986). The princess cover is simply self adhesive plastic with Disney princesses on it. Do I have to say which one was "mine" and which one the princess chose...
And this is a precious little bunny the princess came up with inspired by the warpping paper (apparently OK for this kind of crafting) and clear self adhesive plastic. This is a bunny rabbit from behind. You can most probably see the big ears, the body and the tale on the bottom. She did it all by herself and stuck in on our bedroom door. I thought it was adorable.

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Dawn disse...

Ahhh, she's so creative! Very cute bunny, and the notebooks are great also.