segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2007

A message for the new year

Yesterday I heard a sermon that was really good for the beginning of a new year. No matter how the past year has been or what plans we have for 2008 this fits well.

We read from Numbers 13 about the spies sent to Canaan. When they came back they told that the land indeed flowed with milk and honey but that the people who lived there were strong and the cities fortified. Most of them got afraid and started to say it was not worth it trying to get in there because they wouldn't succeed anyway. Some like Caleb said they should go ahead.

The pastor said we can have two kinds of attitudes when we face difficulties. We can be cowards and say: "I am nothing, I won't be able to do anything" or we can be humble and say: "I am nothing, I won't be able to do anything but with my God I can do all things!" If we look back throughout our journey with God we can recognise that He hasn't let us down once.

A very encouraged New Year full of wonderful promises to everyone!

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