sábado, 19 de dezembro de 2009

More time for the fun stuff

I'm finally finished with my classes. The summer holidays started officially a week ago but those who didn' t pass had to have extra lessons this past week. I had a few students who didn't pass English and I was at the school Mon-Fri giving them extra lessons. I was so relieved when they all passed on Friday! I still have to drop in on Monday and we have a lunch for all the personnell on Tuesday but officially my classes are over. I've talked to the director and he said he'll try to get me a contract for next year so fingers crossed!

We made a finger puppet theatre with the kids. Simply cut off the bottom of a box, added some paint and curtains and there you are. Got to see several funny plays the same day.
Most of my good crafting ideas and other activities are waiting for January as the Christmas and New Year festivities will be over and life will take a more mellow course. We're right now waiting for my sister to arrive (three more nights to go, YAY!) and enjoying my mum who's been with us for already a month.

We're focusing on Christmas now and are reading the whole story little by little from a children's Bible doing some crafting as well. I know I'll enjoy things slowing down a little bit and will throughly enjoy the holidays until the end of January.

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Dawn disse...

I love the little finger puppet theater! Enjoy your holidays.

mamãe disse...

Thanks Dawn! Hope you have nice holidays too!