quinta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2009

Outdoor Hour

This post is long overdue... I recently started a teaching job twice a week and that together with some other English and Spanish lessons at a private language school take up most of my afternoons. So homeschooling (and many other activities) have been on hold for some time now. I'm hoping things will calm down once I get more used to planning my lessons and I'll have more time for our usual activities.

We won't be following all the tree related challenges as the trees over here are quite different. I will try to look for some pines so I can introduce the kids to the notion of evergreens. However I chose to start with our own back yard examining the trees we have over there. This time we took a look at acerola, lime and guava (in the picture above acerola on the left, guava on the right and lime somewhere behind those two...).

We've been able to enjoy acerola fruits until recently and the kids just love eating them fresh. We all really like the juice too.

There were still some tiny flowers on the acerola tree. They're so small and fragile but oh so pretty.

Luana sat on the swing and drew the trees after we observed their shapes and their differences.

OK so she was in a bit of a hurry with this one :D I tried to encourage her to colour the picture but she had something else interesting on her mind at that time. She did write down the names of the trees though.
We also talked about vitamine C that all of these fruits have plenty of and I explained very briefly a few things about vitamines in general.

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