quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2009

Thoughts about a week without TV

We spent last week without watching TV and it was a really good experience. The kids did ask for a certain program a few times but were happy not swithing the TV on most of the time. The first days just flew by with especially Lucas getting really creative and just playing non-stop with any object he'd get his hands on. He also started to draw a lot (which is something he does on and off).
I had to work some afternoons but I tried to get creative with the kids and always leave them with something to do when hubby or their cousin was taking care of them. We finally thought of at least something to do with the cardboard that comes in apple boxes! These are drawn by Luana and myself (picture above).

All the creativity seemed to be contagious and my husband came out with this tractor for Lucas using a small carton and some cardboard. Lucas was so proud of the tractor and showed it to everyone. And I just loved my hubby's recycled piece of crafting! :)

Lucas is interested in insects and always wants to observe them with a magnifying lense. I'm so glad he's taken an interest in them instead of wanting to step on them or pull their wings or anything like that. He either observes them where they are of gets a piece of paper and tries carefully to get them on the paper so he can take them inside. I think he needs a magnifying glass of his own...

Here's Lucas' own shot of that insect.
All in all a very good week although we're back with the TV... I talked to the kids about it quite a bit and we agreed to reduce the time used for watching TV and be careful not to have it switched on when no one is actually watching anything.

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Dawn disse...

There's some great creativity happening there. :) I think my family needs to cut back on the t.v. viewing again. :)

mamãe disse...

It was definitely worth the effort as the week went really well and we all had a good time. Will probably do it again some time in the future.