quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2009

Outdoor Hour #27

I'm sooo behind in posting things and I just realised I'm posting in the wrong order... Ladybugs were supposed to be first and bees after them. But here goes...

We studied bees quite recently although we had made big cardboard bees with pipecleaner legs (first picture) already earlier. It's so hot outside at this time of the year that we don't really want to venture outside until much later in the evening. Hence our nature studies haven't involved a nature walk for a while. Instead we look at pictures on the internet, craft and talk about different insects.
We drew this beehive and the kids decorated it with small bees.

It opens up so that you can see what's inside. The kids practiced some hexagons, coloured some (honey) and again decorated with some bees that we glued on.
We also baked a honey cake and have been enjoying honey in general :)

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom disse...

I hope you are saving all these really great projects! These are a wonderful tool to learn about insects.

Thanks again for sharing your links.
Barb-Harmony Art MOm

mamãe disse...

Thanks, I usually save absolutely everything, even things that didn't have to be kept... :)