sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009

Been busy

Last week and weekend were really hectic. We had our monthly birthday celebration in Sunday School and as I'm the only teacher in my group at the moment I was the one who had to bake the cake. The very same Sunday there was a baby shower at the orphanage. One of the girls is going to have a baby boy soon and it was also her birthday. I had volunteered to bake two cakes; one for her and one for the baby. Saturday and a good part of Sunday were then spent in the kitchen. You can take a look at the cakes in my foody blog over here.

We spent last week cleaning up the house and emptying our guest room. It had turned into my husband's little office full of computer parts and tools. We needed the room empty so that our niece could move in on Monday this week. Her parents moved to the countryside but she's in her final year of high school so it's best for her to stay here and finish off her studies instead of changing schools at this stage.

In addition to the cakes I also prepared little birthday gifts for Sunday school (first picture) as well as small baby shower favours for the orphanage (second picture).

This week has been a lot calmer although the kids have kept me busy as they're extremely excited over having their cousing living with us. We'll get back to Outdoor Hour challenges and other homeschooling stuff next week.

2 comentários:

Dawn disse...

Both the birthday gifts, and the pinwheels look so pretty. I hope the parties were fun.

mamãe disse...

Thanks! We did have a good time in both parties :)