terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY May 19th... (yes, I do realise it's already Tuesday...)

Outside my window... it's sunny with blue skies and a little windy; perfect laundry weather!

I am thinking... about spending most of the afternoon at home with the kids and doing some nice things.

From the learning rooms... insect study concentrating today on houseflies.

I am thankful for... every moment I get to spend with my kids. Now that I've got some busy afternoons I really miss staying at home all the time.

From the kitchen... I'm feeling a bit of a lack of inspiration at the moment... It'll be rice and beans for lunch today in a true Brazilian style.

I am wearing... leggings and a summer shirt. It's really hot as the rainy season is finally coming to an end.

I am creating... new ideas for crafting with the kids at the orphanage.

I am going... to teach English this afternoon.

I am reading... teaching material and still the theory booklet for driving school... The exam will be on May 28th!

I am hoping... my cakes turn out yummy for Sunday's baby shower at the orphanage.

I am hearing... birds in the garden and some cars passing by.

Around the house... some cleaning is waiting to be done :)

One of my favorite things... is to hang laundry when the weather is as gorgeous as it is today.

A few plans for the rest of the week: vol work at the orphanage, lots of nice stuff with the kids during the afternoons, yummy baking and some Spanish lessons at the language school.

Here is the picture thought I am sharing...

This is something we created with my husband during the weekend for our living room wall.

You can find more daybooks here.

2 comentários:

Carebeth disse...

Came across you site on the simple woman's daybook. Isn't that the neatest? Just found it tonight and hope to start using it.
I'm new to blogging - just a couple months. finding it SO interesting!
We are in Washington, US - all of my grandparents were from Finland... :) so I feel like we're 'neighbors'
We also h.s. here. Waiting for summer vacation!!
Nice to meet you! Come visit..

mamãe disse...

Carebeth, thanks for stopping by! I've done the daybook only a few times but have throughly enjoyed it.

Interesting to know about your Finnish heritage!