segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

Outdoor Hour # 20

We went over to our neighbours' side of the fence and checked out our guava tree that we started studying earlier on. I asked the kids whether they remembered how the tree was back then and they remembered the parrots and the abundance of fuits.

This time we found one ripe guava (that unfortunately had some insects so we couldn't eat it) and LOTS of snails. I knew snails can get to many places but that they climb trees... I had to tell the kids not to use the swing that hangs from the tree as these snails spread diseases and even touching the slime can be unhealthy.

We also discovered many more snails in our neighbours' backyard and gave them a hand in getting rid of the ones we saw. The doggy on the other side of the fence is our 6-month-old puppy Oona.

On a more positive note then we realised that the marigold seeds we planted already some time ago are actually becoming flowers! I had already given up on them but hadn't thrown them away. Two survived the lack of attention and pouring rain/hot sun and we finally planted them in our garden. I'm not a gardener type at all but it sure is gratifying to see the seeds grow into flowers :)

This is the other one that survived: a gourgette also seems to want to bloom. If I ever get a gourgette out of this one I bet it'll be the most delicious gourgette ever! :)

I thought we should take a better look at the snails and learn a bit more about them with the kids. And to my surprise Luana suggested that we'd study snails tomorrow! Not sure if we'll have time tomorrow but some time this week.

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