sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

First lapbooks ready

After our last Outdoor hour I thought we could study snails a little more. All of a sudden Luana asked if we could learn some more about snails as we had seen so many in the back yard so that was it :) I prepared lapbooking material and made some research about giant African land snails (Achatina fulica) and we set to work.

The lapbooks are green and they have a snail on the cover (surprisingly enough!) :)

Luana's lapbook on the top and Lucas' on the bottom of the picture. It's a little difficult to see some of the things as the background is brown. We however wrote down the maximum size and the age of the snails. On the two white squares on the top right there's the climate and the food the snails like. In the end we drew the kids' hands and wrote "wash your hands" on them. The the snails transmit diseases and that's why hygiene is really important. This highlighted the importance of not touching the snails with bare hands and always washing one's hands after playing outside.
We glued some snail "eggs" underneath a piece of brown paper as the eggs are usually under some kind of a cover.
I was so pleased with these and the kids really enjoyed doing them. I'm planning to do our next lapbook on Brazilian indigenous people...

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