sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2009

Green Hour challenge 15

It's been raining hard for several days and this morning was no different. I've been postponing this challenge for a while now because it's been impossible to go out and draw anything. Today I decided we'll do the challenge no matter the weather. So we took a virtual tour of our garden and looked at the pictures I've taken of our flowers.

We counted the petals and looked at the different shapes. We first drew the flowers with pencils and then coloured them using water colour pencils (you colour normally with the pencils and then paint over them with a wet paint brush in order to create a water colour effect).

Blogger unfortunately turned the pictures around but I guess you'll get the idea :)

Um comentário:

Barb-Harmony Art Mom disse...

Very pretty drawings of your garden flowers...so colorful.

I loved your idea of a "virtual" garden tour. :)

Thanks for sharing your nature study.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom