quinta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2009

Green Hour challenge 14

We finally managed to find some wild flowers (it seems this just isn't a good wild flower season in our neighbourhood...) and pressed them last week. A few days later we took a closer look at them and the kids absolutely wanted to use the magnifying lense again. We had three flowers; some species of clover, a flower from an acerola tree and a red unidentified flower. The acerola flower was so tiny and became so transparent after pressing it that it was hard to even see it properly so we ended up with just two flowers to take a closer look at.

We also observed the plants we planted a few weeks back. Now I really have to admit I'm no good for seeds, sprouts and growing things in general. I do like the idea but somehow I always manage to forget about taking care of the plants... :) We had planted marigolds, leek, basil and zucchini. Some of the seeds were a little outdated but we thought we'd give it a try anyway. Well, basil and leek never even sprouted but zucchini and the marigolds did. It was all very exciting and in the beginning we'd take the pots outside when it wasn't too hot and inside when the sun was too bright or the rain too heavy. We forgot them out in the rain a few (?) times and at the moment we've got a few sprouts of both zucchini and marigold going strong. I'm hoping to plant them on the ground this week.

We then took a look at what's happening in our garden at the moment. That same morning our lovely plumeria (or frangipani) had fallen all by itself and that had left a gap in the garden. Here's that lovely orange flower again, I still haven't managed to identify it... :)

Fortunately we have a smaller plumeria growing in the garden too and it's about to bloom for the first time. Can't wait as I love the way the flowers look and smell!

Several red ixoras are about to bloom as well.

And to our surprise we also have a yellow ixora. When my husband got them they were supposed to be pinkish but it turns out most of them are red and at least one is yellow :)

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom disse...

Wow, what beautiful flowers you have right now! I loved seeing them all...so many pretty colors and shapes.

The photo with your children and the pressed flowers is priceless.

I was very happy to see your entry today...missed seeing what you were up to.

Thanks for sharing your link,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom