sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2009

Memory game

I got this idea once more from Kids Craft Weekly. We don't usually have any plastic cups but these were used last week when we had people over for a BBQ. I wasn't actually even thinking about saving them and washing them as they're really thin and break easily but Luana wanted to keep them in order to use them for some crafting later on. I love it when she wants to recycle something before I even think about it! So we kept the cups and washed them and as I was browsing Kids Craft newsletters looking for something completely different I saw this memory game. We just used stickers inside the cups and the game was made very quickly. The kids really liked a different kind of memory game.

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Dawn disse...

That is a great idea! I love eay projects like this.

mamãe disse...

This was spot on that particular day. I didn't have time to do anything fancy plus this kept them occupied even after the crafting part was over.

SeaBird disse...

Hello Tuija,

Thanks for the email - glad you got the card from us! It was fun to get cards from all over the US and world! I've only been to Brazil once - for our honeymoon at Iguazu. But we go to Uruguay every other year to visit my husband's family.

I've enjoyed reading through your blog a bit - we are planning to homeschool as well!

Happy new year!


mamãe disse...

Hi Laura, glad you got my e-mail and foudn your way here. Welcome again! :)