segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2009

Green Hour challenge 13

We actually did this challenge a week ago, I've just been pants at posting about it... My mum arrived last week and her luggage is still somewhere on its way. So we've had a bit of a hassle trying to track down her bags and dealing with the very unhelpful staff of TAM (a Brazilian airline). One suitcase should be delivered this afternoon or tomorrow morning and the other one is still missing so we're waiting... And will be doing the next Green Hour Challenge today.

Lucas taking a close look at the sprouting zucchini and marigold.

This is how the marigolds looked a week after planting them (unfortunately blogger decided the picture looked better this way...). The basil and leeks unfortunately didn't sprout but I think the seeds were probably old.

We then proceeded to take a look at the flowers we have in the garden at the moment. First plant was ixora (ixora coccinea) or West Indian Jasmine. It has lots of other exotic names too, all available in Wikipedia.

Heliconia is my personal favourite as it looks so different from all the others. There are lots of different heliconias and the one we have is heliconia pendula. I wouldn't be able to identify the flower parts on that one though! :)

This is a pretty one that I don't know the name of... It grows quite high and has black seeds (picture below).

And then there's the charming sweet smelling plumeria or frangipani, not sure which species we actually have.
We talked about the different parts of the flowers especially with Luana. Lucas was more interested in just looking at the flowers through the magnifying lense. No journal entry for this one as Luana simply refused to draw anything. Maybe better luck this week... :)

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