quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2008

Green Hour challenge 8

This was such a big hit with the kids! They just loved looking at things through the magnifying lense! We used and different lense that my husband uses for work. You can attach things to it so you don't have to hold them while you work on them. I just asked the kids to be careful with it and it went fine. I guess it was a good lesson of sharing and waiting for ones turn as well :) Seriously though I'm thinking we should get two magnifying glasses, one each.

I'm not a huge fan of insects at all but I found this one dead outside our door in the morning and it was just perfect for our study. It's a rather big bug but as it wasn't moving anymore and as we looked at it more closely the kids wanted to touch it. We were all amazed by the beautiful details we could see.
After the bug we looked at this flower and then went around in the garden looking at other flowers too.

Luana was greatly inspired and wanted to draw insects. She ended up with this great picture of two friends dreaming about the things that are drawn on their faces (insects and a tiger that is).

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Dawn disse...

Luana's picture is so cute, and that is a very big bug!