sábado, 1 de novembro de 2008

Bible Study - Abraham

I finally started "proper" Bible studies with the kids. We'll be working our way through the Old Testament using a really nice children's Bible (we've got the Finnish translation). We take time once a week to do this in more depth but the kids like the Bible so much that they often ask me to read it more often.

We had looked at the creation and Noah's Ark already before and done some crafting on the creation as well so we just read about them and moved on to Abraham. We then made this picture about Abraham, Sara and some of their animals. The kids coloured the pictures and we glued them on the cardboard. In the end we spread glue all over the brown parts and sprinkled sand on it.

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Dawn disse...

That looks like a children's bible that my kids would like. The picture turned out so cute!