quinta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2008

National Book Day

National Book Day was actually yesterday but the kids had a friend over for most of the afternoon so we did something book related only today.

I asked the kids to tell me a story which I wrote down just the way they told it. I then read it to them so that they could hear it and make changes if they wanted to. Then I let them illustrate their little books (simply an A4 folded once).

These are the covers. The yellow one is Luana's and it's called "Monica's ball". Lucas' story was about pirates, guns, fighting, cars, trophies etc.

Lucas' book from the inside. Luana actually drew the trophy for him but he did the rest of the drawing.

And Luana's book. There was a ball in a circus and she drew the circus tent and a princess on the left.

It took them a while to get the hang of this. Lucas started telling me the story and I helped him along asking what happened next and what did the characteres do. Luana wanted to tell me an episode of the Flintstones that she had seen in the school but I encouraged her to invent her very own story. Last time we did this with her she told me about Jesus and how He got lost in the temple and His parents couldn't find Him. This time she did come up with her own story and I think it'll be easier for the kids next time around. I plan to continue doing this every now and then.

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Dawn disse...

That's such a good activity to do with children! I used to do this with my daughter...now she writes stories on her own. I should give it a try with my son. Your children's illustrations are precious.