sábado, 9 de agosto de 2008

Kindness around me today

My day with the kids seemed sooo difficult. It was my day off and we didn't do anything that special. I also didn't have any particular expectations about the day, just a few ideas about what we could do. Somehow all I seemed to hear today was whining and complaining and all I seemed to do today was to tell my kids off and keep repeating the same things over and over again.

So I'll do what Dawn just did in her blog and list the acts of kindness to me or around me. Looking back at our day I remember that...

* Lucas saw a boy from the nursery at the playground today and gave him the bike he was riding without anyone asking him to do that
* my mum made a gorgeous dessert with red currants and whipped strawberry cream just to make us happy
* my husband was very patient with me when I couldn't get the webcam working and told me over and over again what I could do in order to fix the problem
* my mum took over the kids in the evening when I got frustrated and she read to them until they fell asleep
* Luana helped Lucas cool down his soup at dinner time so he could eat it

I couldn't think of more things to write down at the moment but I'm sure there were many more acts of kindness around me today - I was probably just too wound up to notice or remember them! I'll pay extra attention to this tomorrow!

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Dawn disse...

Sorry it was a difficult day for you with the children. I sure have those days myself every so often. ;) I loved reading your list.