domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

Church camp

The Spanish speaking group of our church had a weekend camp a week ago and I went there with the kids. We had a great time! It was good just to sit and listen although I did some interpreting as well. The kids were well taken care of during the meetings as there was special program for them so it was truly relaxing also for the mama :)

We slept in cottages with lots of other people and the kids thought that was well exciting! They really wanted to sleep on the upper bed but their mama was boring and didn't allow that...

The kids had fun with the other kids they already knew and especially Luana also made some new friends.

Luana and mama.

And a really tired Lucas in the bus on the way home :)

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Dawn disse...

I'm glad you all had fun at camp. That little cottage looks like a nice place to stay.