sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008

Drawing in the park

We're still here! Life gets somehow busy when you work full time and the kids are in the nursery. If I work in the morning shift I get to spend several hours with the kids in the evening after work but if I'm in the evening shift I only see them in the morning when I take them to the nursery. When I come home in the evening they're already asleep. So far this summer has been such a good experience for all of us but it has also shown me a different side of things. If I can choose I want to spend more time with the kids than what I do now. The way we've had it back in Brazil has worked really well in my opinion and I hope we can get back to that after we return. The kids go to preschool/nursery in the morning and come home for lunch. I have the morning to myself (read: household chores, grocery shopping etc.) and get to spend the entire afternoon and evening with them. We've got plenty of time for homeschool activities, for visiting grandparents etc. I do understand that I might have to work but I'm hoping I can get by with some private arts and crafts classes at home in the afternoons :) I've got lots of nice ideas in my head for next year and I'm hoping that Casa Criativa (Creative House) will be able to start working sometime in the end of February offering arts and crafts experiences to the kids in our little town.

In the meantime whenever we have some time together we usually head for one of the parks nearby. I'm not sure if I commented this in here already but when we first arrived here the kids we so impressed by all the great parks that they called them "amusement parks". That's how much they'd missed playing in a nice park and that's why we're planning some nice things in our backyard in Brazil.

This park is their favourite because of this toy. It spins around depending on how fast you walk on it. It's so simple but they laugh, jump on and off and have so much fun with it!

This time I also invited them to sit down and draw something. Luana came up with a picture of the park itself with the swings, the slide etc. Her Brazilian school activity book deals with the notion of space and awareness of one's whereabouts and I'm trying to work on those with her as well. I thought the drawing of the park was a good start. The next thing we'll do is draw a map of the area we live in featuring the places we usually go to.

Lucas didn't want to sit down and draw initially but after a while he too asked for a pen and a paper. He drew balloons and the round toy they like so much.

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Dawn disse...

It was nice to catch up on how you're doing in Finland. I love the photos of your children drawing in the park. Have a great day.