sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2008

No photos

I've tried to download photos during the week but I always get an error message so today I gave up and decided to post without photos.

The week's been good and it just flew by. On Monday I had a day off and we went to Helsinki with my mum and the kids. We did some window shopping (the kids are getting great at it, even with the toys!), went to an old fashioned cafe (they used 18th Century recipes for the pastries) and visited a big 18th Century ship replica Götheborg that actually sails (pictures here). It was in Helsinki just this week and will go around Scandinavia this summer stopping in different cities along the way (more information on the ship here).

I still love my job and it seems to be possible to make it a part of my studies in order to fill in the missing credits! Now I only need to complete a few more interviews and the actual writing of my dissertation... There's hope!

The kids have sort of had a cold the whole week and today I finally took them to see a doctor. After an overwhelming three-hour-wait (with two grumpy kids who weren't really feeling that well) we finally got to see the doctor, got some medicine and were done. Luana's got an ear infection and Lucas will get the lab results on Monday to see whether it's a bacteria or virus that's causing his sore throat.

Tomorrow I'll work again and then I've got three days off. We'll visit my dad and I'm planning to take the kids to the Moominworld. It's a lovely down-to-earth theme park very suitable for young kids. It's on an island with plenty of forests and even a small beach. There's not too much plastic, glitter and blinking lights around but rather wooden buildings and a calmer atmosphere. The kids really like the Moomins and Luana can still remember when we went there two years ago.

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Dawn disse...

Moominworld looks like a great place. I hope you and the kids have lots of fun. That's wonderful that you're enjoying your job so much.