quinta-feira, 15 de maio de 2008

Picnic by the sea

The kids (and particularly Luana) were quite upset because everyone else from the preschool got to go on a walk in the forest and they didn't. It didn't help that I told them there'll be another walk in the forest next Monday when they'll start preschool. It seemed like such a big deal to them that I decided we'd go on a picnic by ourselves. Tuesday I only started work after lunch so we had the whole morning to ourselves. We set off with backpacks filled with picnic stuff.

We saw some lovely flowers and I even got pretty pictures of them thanks to the macro :) The children liked especially the white one, which in Finnish is called metsätähti, star of the forest.

We also collected plenty of all kinds of sticks for crafting purposes as well as some other things we found on the ground.

Despite the bitter wind we managed to find a nice place between some rocks close to the sea and had our picnic there. The kids just loved it and it was a wonderful and relaxing morning for me too. We're so lucky that my mum lives so close to the sea. Usually it's only the really wealthy people who live by the sea but where my mum lives it just happens that they have plenty of "normal" people's (as in regular income people) houses and flats quite close to the sea.

I'm planning to really enjoy the mornings when I'm on evening shift and do something with the kids. Tomorrow we'll bake something and go to the playground before lunch.

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Dawn disse...

A picnic by the sea sounds like so much fun. You took such beautiful photos. The forest looks quite different in Finland from where I am in Washington state- I love the wildflowers you have there.