quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2008

Not much going on

We haven't been doing much lately... Yesterday we took a look at the numbers from 6 to 10 in English. Basically the kids can say all the numbers up to ten but I wanted them to really learn them so that they remember what each individual number means. Luana is learning to write the numbers at school so this goes together well with the regular school work, too.

Today I'll be teaching in the afternoon and at night so no homeschool activities today. I might take the kids along in the afternoon so they get a nice playdate while I teach.

Lucas seems to have stopped napping after lunch. It's funny because his older sister still very much needs her nap. I'd rather have him nap but I guess I can't force him to sleep if he really isn't tired. At first I got really stressed about him not wanting to nap anymore and me loosing that "own time" but I'm calmer now :) I've decided to have them both in their beds after lunch and read a few books to them as I usually do. If one of them hasn't fallen asleep after that I go over and do some massage on their backs and see if they fall asleep. If that doesn't work either I'll just let them stay awake. The only problem with Lucas is that it's difficult for him to stay quiet and not to go to Luana's room while she's sleeping. Right now he's in his bed with loads of books. I asked him to be quiet and read for a while. He seemed really happy when I suggested that instead of getting stressed about him not sleeping :) Now I'll just see how it goes from here.

We'll be back with the Green Hour challenge tomorrow!

I received those flowers from two girls in Sunday School last Sunday.

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Dawn disse...

My son has grown out of his nap for most days also. I need some time to myself in the afternoon so he does the same thing as your kids: books in his bed.