quinta-feira, 27 de março de 2008

Good days

We've had such good news in the last couple of days. It seems so many things are coming together and even the small details are taken care of.

On Monday I got to know that my permanent visa has finally come through. I left my application at the local police station on Dec 15th 2006 (yes, that is 2006) so it took them well over a year to decide about my visa. Now I can open a bank account (or use my husband's account), get my Brazilian ID and all other documents and most importantly I finally get to apply for jobs!

Another excellent news was that my husband just got a "proper" job! He did an exam for the State transportation department (or something like that..., DETRAN in Portuguese) already quite some time ago. He came first in the exam but they didn't need anyone to work in our town at that time. Yesterday he was finally called to start working one month from now. We're so excited as this job has a lot of advantages to it. The days aren't that long so he'll still be able to work with computers in the evenings, the pay is reasonable, we'll get a good health insurance for the whole family and he's a state civil servant meaning he can't get fired (unless he commits some heinous crime of course) :)

Just to top it off hubby's brother's wife came to clean our house today and we received a big box of food from hubby's younger sister. I wonder what's next :)

We're still unsure about our planned holidays in Finland. I'd love to travel with the kids to stay there for a few months during the Northern hemisphere summer. It's just soooo expensive we're not sure if we'll be able to go now. But I'm confident that things will work out. If we can't travel now we'll get there some time later on. For now I'm just enjoying this day!

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Dawn disse...

That's all such wonderful news. I'm glad things are working out so well for you and your family.

Anônimo disse...


Poppy & Mei disse...

I won't have to worry about visas soon, although it sounds like Japan is a little more on top of the game?
I think you guys are eligable to live over here quite easily too...:)Xxx