segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2008

Singing in the rain

The weekend went really quickly. Saturday was spent at home doing nothing particular. It poured down in the afternoon and the kids took a shower outside. They loved it! It was especially fun as their daddy decided to join in and ran around the front yard in his undies (no picture of that displayed here though...). I baked a Zucchini bread with a recipe from here and it was yummy. I'd call it a cake though instead of bread :)

On Sunday morning we had a friendship party at Sunday School. I had asked the kids to invite friends and a few new kids came. We talked about how Jesus is the best friend ever and in the end we ate some cake and other party foods. It was also the farewell party of the other teacher of the group as she's heading to another state in order to do her MA. So now I'm on my own with the group. I really enjoy the challenge though. I love planning for the Sunday mornings and I feel so good after each lesson.
I got these pretty flowers from one of the girls on Sunday morning. I didn't even know that a flower like this exist. Then again, we live in the Amazon basin, I guess there are many more flowers I didn't even dream existed...

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Dawn disse...

I love reading about your life in Brazil. That flower is gorgeous and running around the front yard in the rain and sounds like a great way to enjoy life!

Poppy & Mei disse...

Thank-you so much for dropping by & commenting!
Your blog is a delight.
The photo of the kids in the rain is beautiful, so funny to think of Papa joining in...Xxx