quinta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2008

Beautiful quilting

We just got another parcel from Finland. This was a surprise one from my step-mum and she sent us all sorts of goodies including notebooks and pencils for the kids, tea, salt licorice and some sweets for us all and then some wonderful quilted pieces she's made.

We received some of her art works for Christmas too and I've been meaning to post a picture of them for ages. Now I finally took all the beautiful things outside and took a few pictures of them. Isn't she incredibly talented!

The angel on the left is for hanging on the wall. Below it two Christmas decorations. The brown star is for the kitchen and the white piece behind it is a little bag you can hang on the wall and use for storing postcards or obviously anything you like. And the one on the right is for the dolls' bed.
Isn't this a delight!

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Dawn disse...

What a talented and sweet step mom you have. I love getting packages in the mail.