quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2008

Back online

We thought there was simply a problem with our neighbour’s modem but as it turns out loads of telephone cables had simply burned (probably during a thunder storm a few days ago) on our street. So we’ve been several days without internet connection. It’s been strange as I’m used to checking my e-mail and reading different blogs and websites several times a day. Maybe it’s been good too; I’ve spent less time on computer and more time doing other things.

On Monday I started the theological seminar at church. It’s been great. I remember having enjoyed it just as much the first time in July. For a stay-at-home-mama it’s been wonderful to just sit, listen, take notes and learn new things!

In July we studied bibliology, an overview of the New Testament, hermeneutics and homilectics. This time we’re doing pneumatology (study of the Holy Spirit), Pentateuch, geography of the Bible and systematic theology (I have no idea if this is what the subjects are called in English, I simply translated them from Portuguese...). And there are so many interesting things yet to come. The seminar is twice a year and it lasts four years.

I’ll also start new English classes on Monday. I already have two students for the adult group, which I’m really thankful for. I also pretend to start a group for children between 8 and 12 years but so far no one has said they’d come so we’ll see if that works out or not. Two private conversation classes should start soon again after the vacation and the kids will go back to nursery and pre-school within a few weeks. So summer vacation is practically over and it’s back to business.

There’s one more thing to come before really starting the everyday routines. We have a church camp during the carnival in the beginning of February. Last year we went just for one night without the kids but this time we’ll all go. We’ll be camping and the kids will most certainly love it. The speaker will be a pastor from Mato Grosso and I'm hoping there’ll be special things for the kids too.

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