sábado, 24 de novembro de 2007

A new beginning

This blog picks up from where my previous blog in English was left a little over a year ago. Maybe a quick look at our life in general would be useful especially for those who I haven't been in touch lately (and indeed those who I may not know at all). So here we go:

Still two children (and no more on the way at least yet), husband and two dogs (two fairly big Brazilian fila brasileiros barking at anything that moves outside the house).

We've been living in our new house for a few months now but the house is far from being finished. As my mum is here we've received curtains in most of the rooms (she does the sewing) and little by little it starts to look more like a home instead of a construction site. It still rains inside in some places when a good tropical rain storm hits but we're getting there...

Husband is running his own computer thingy and is getting new clients slowly but surely. Here everything works through people who know people who in turn know some people and so he sometimes gets called by people who have happened to hear about him from a friend whose neighbour's friend's computer he fixed some time ago... I'm teaching English at a small private school and also giving some private lessons a few times a week. I love the little school and its atmosphere and I'm hoping they'd hire me for next year as well. It's been really tiring at times as I haven't really taught children before this and I've been learning along the way but all in all it's nice and I love to teach!

It's a small town and can't really boast about anything... There are enough of supermarkets and too many clothes shops but not much else. Oh wait, a few ice cream bars and a bus station. Sometimes I feel like I need to get out of here and see some more people, an elevator, a public transport system, a mall, a cinema etc. but most of the time I'm really happy here.

Before last Christmas I already felt fairly well adapted to my new life (we arrived here on October 1st, 2006) but looking back now I wasn't even getting there at that time. We only had a proper Christmas meal because my mum and my sister were here to fix everything. I was so busy just coping with everything that was new that I didn't even dream about making Christmas decoration of any other crafting for that matter. And now I'm taking it all back. I LOVE Christmas and I'm making most of this season and its lovely crafting ideas. Before my mum leaves I'll have her teach me how to use my mother-in-law's sewing machine (which, apparently is a bit old and tricky) so I can get some more stuff done.

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